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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 1, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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environment is brutally murdered as this young lady was. it is a tragedy for her family and friends and the entire college community. >> police say whmore admitted to killing her but later said he didn't do it. a motive for the case has not been released. and the story like this will likely bring up memories of yeardley love who died in her off campus apartment in virginia. last month the one love foundation created in her memory police rei leased a public service announcement -- released a public service announcement aimed at ending dating violence. it created a smart phone app to help victims of abuse their friends and family to determine how much danger they may be in. find more information on the one love foundation by going and searching her name. coming up this morning, at 5:00, o's tickets are the hottest commodity and we will look out for you because
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scamers are trying to take advantage. this morning what you need to know to avoid being taken for a ride. the fight is onto prevent west nile virus. where the spray trucks like that you see there, where they will be out and what county needs to be on the lookout. we are back in a bit.
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a few minutes before 5 and in consumer news general motors has issued a recall of 40,000 cars and s-uvs because of a faulty fuel pump and the list is long. it affects the 2007 to 2009 cobalt and 2007 equinox and 2007 to 09 poupt being a g-5 and 07 tonight and saturn ion alaffected by the recall. gm says the fuel pumps could crack and cause a potentially dangerous fuel leak. own kers get a free replacement by contacting gm dealer. expect to pay more for meat
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because of the extended drought from the summer, farmers had to pay more for grain to feed the animals. the rising cost will not affect just the butchers but restaurants and dinner tables across the u.s. and the newly released 3d flick hotel transylvania is a big hit for the moviegoers. the movie brought in 43 million dollars. number two spot went to looper and that stars joseph gordon levit and end of watch brought in 8 million in text sale many believe tsa agents need some more training. how two loaded weapons wentunchecked undetected and made their way onto flights this last week. good morning begins right now. >> you are watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> abc2 is working for you making sure you don't get scamedif you are trying to get
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your hands on the o's playoff tickets. what you need to know straight ahead. and from child seats to your facebook passwords new laws go into effect today and we are making sure you are prepared and everything you need to know before you walk out the door on this monday. it's october 1st. good morning. i am charley crowson. come on. ladies. join me. it's an lc sandwich. >> we planned it. >> with jj hardy. this is the bobble head. >> that's awesome how about the orioles game. >> o's game was great. >> they are incredible. >> they are fun to watch. this is the fan choice given out to those at the ball park yesterday. 6-3 win by the orioles. complete check of that and everything you need to know scamers are trying to scam some of the playoff tickets. a warning for you straight ahead. also warnings on the roads. >> yes. yes. a lot of fog out there this morning you will want to watch out for. a lot of reduced visibility. so, slow down hopefully it will dissipate. >> yeah. >> very soon. >> coming through howard county on i-70 there was a lot of fog.
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so you have us taken care of. >> dense fog advisory in frederick county. look at temperatures at 51 degrees that dew point at 49. and very close we have a little patchy fog as well around this area. and glen elg with 46 degrees and like charley said howard county looking at patchy fog and west friendship the temperature at 45 degrees dew point at 45. so we have patchy fog to talk about there. and also, we look at maryland's most powerful radar and this is the happy factor. we are. >> -- qeash not dealing with -- we are not dealing with rain but we will see change in the forecast as we go into the evening. in terms of temperatures this morning, temperatures about 51 degrees. and that patchy fog out there those temperatures will boost up as we go throughout the day at about 11, the temperature comes in at 63. but the big story along with the chilly temperatures is dense fog advisory. and this is for frederick county points westward. allegheny county and washington
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county and even portions of west virginia and virginia under the dense fog advisory until 10 this morning. with that, let's head to lauren cook with a check on the road and once again the fog is going to be an issue this morning. >> reporter: yes. that's going tonight main problem and as charley mentioned, howard county hit hard with reduced visibility. you are look live at interstate 70 west of the beltway. no delays but again just that patchy fog. slow down and be careful as you head out. west side nice and clear. here at liberty road. no delays whatsoever it's going to take you the typical 11 minutes right now to travel the outer loop from 795 all the way down to 95. and pulling up other drive times notice the ref of the beltway in great shape from parkville to towson and use 95 to get into the city, right now from route 43 in white marsh to the beltway you are looking a at 4-minute trip that will remain nice and clear making the drive time -- downtown. now over to you.
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5:02. you want to see something cool a few moments ago we showed you the jj hardy bobble head doll but on the cover of sports illustrated, omazing summer and you are not dreaming. orioles are in the playoffs in florida right now get egg rade for the season -- getting ready for the season ending series. it was not a smooth trip. the flight was diverted to jacksonville florida after smoke was detected in the front of the plane. they got back on and everything is still going on as planned. the orioles now in tampa continuing omazing season and sherrie johnson is live in towson where the fans are reacting to what was so unexpected for the major league baseball season. >> reporter: yes, everyone is excited about the o's. you are right. a tricky trip yesterday butter in tampa and made it to the playoff and it's been 15 years what an excite-- what an exciting time. i am on york record in towson
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talking to people as they stop in for their donuts and morning coffee. a this morning, you know, it's a chance to run into joseph and he's been kind enough to talk to me. tell me, what do you think about the oa.'s in the playoffs -- did o's in the playoffs. >> they are fantastic and i want to see them go all the way. and it would be a first for the long time. in garrett county it's hard to find them on the channel but it was a nice trip down and stopped to get donuts and saw the camera running and thought i might see a pretty face and talk to you for a little bit. >> reporter: i appreciate you stopping and talking. did you make it to the game. >> i live up in garrett county so i was coming down to advice the my mom and dad. >> reporter: did you think we could finally get there? people are excited. 15 years is a while. >> yes, it is. but we have been playing with the ravens and everything. and let's share some time for the orioles and hopefully they go all the way. >> reporter: thanks so much. thanks for stopping and talking to us. enjoy the donuts. >> thanks very much. >> reporter: go o's. thank you. so you know, it's been 15 years since the on the's have been to
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the playoffs and orioles won all 3 against the red sox and the last home stand of the regular season. and yes, camden yards was full of orange. over 41,000 fans turned out. the home game against the yankees is a possibility on thursday. so of course right now, everyone is excited rooting for the o's. sherrie johnson abc2 news>> the last time we were excite about -- this excited about the orioles president clinton was president. ticket holders might get a e- mail about game 163. the game will be played here at camden yards so keep an eye out for that e-mail that could be coming your way. and for those of you trying to get your hands on playoff tickets, scamers are trying to
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find tricks to get you the fake tickets. scammers are trying to duplicate the tickets to make them look as legit as possible. >> counterfeiters want to get aearly hand on the tickets to discover what security element is on the ticket and replicate as many of the features to pass them to the consumer and gate official. >> some things to look out are the wrong colors or ink that may smidge. they shouldn't split along the edges and one big red flag is dates and times on the ticket. the real ones are printed before the date and the times have yet to be decided. we have everything you need to know regarding the orioles and this unbelievable playoff run. head to and you can find the conversation as well ascertaining in your pictures showing off your orange pride. just send them to pix at we have got you covered on air and on line christian schaver is on his way to tam -- schaver is on his way to --
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schaeffer is on his way to tampa and will have reports from down there beginning tonight on abc2 news. in other news new laws go into effect today ranging from how to treat a red light to protecting yourself he and facebook account. beginning today it's illegal for your boss or potential boss to require that you give up your social media password to give a job. maryland is the first state to pass the law but other states have been working on similar legislation. the maryland chamber of commerce was against the bill saying some employers have a legitimate interest in making sure trade secrets are being protected. other laws go into effect including child safety seat restrictions. children youngerthan 8 must be 4 feet 9 inches or they have to stay in the seats. also, it's now a law that you must stop at a red light that's not working. the best thing to do is treat it like a 4-way stop. that's a new law here in maryland. and today the u.s. supreme court will begin the new term and it is expected to hand down
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decision on affirmative action and marriage for same sex couples and voting rights. the question before that court asks whether police should be allowed to connect to -- collect dna samples from drunk driving suspects and can they do this without a warrant. before taking the recess for the sum earth high court ruled in favor of much of president obama's health care reform law. it's news developing regarding a teen charged as an adult in a shooting in the mall park lot in baltimore county. recey freeman is charged with attempted first degrow murder and held without bail after a shooting at a security square mall. police say freeman shot a man in the parking lot but didn't release any information about a possible motive. that victim is expected to survive. baltimore and anne arundel county will spray mosquitoes to to combat the rising cases of west nile. in both counties, the spraying will begin after #:30 and will last into the morning hours. health department official say
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avoid being outside in the affected areas. the chemicals are approved by the u.s. environmental protection agency. now time for the a check of the forecast. weather affects the sprays because if it's raining they can't do their work. >> today will be an okay day to do the spraying. but this evening, not so good. and tomorrow is not a good time or wednesday. this batch of rain is going to slide in here as we go through the overnight into tomorrow. and it's like we are sandwich in between two systems one to the south and one to the north. were affected by the one to the south. tropical moisture is moving n right now, we are dealing with clouds, and i think belle see -- i think we will see more clouds than sun because the system is pushing more clouds across the area. we are dry and should stay dry for today and wet weather works its way in here. also what are dealing with this morning temperatures are on the cool side. 47 degrees in norrisville.
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catonsville at 50. and chesapeake beach at 53. so as you head outhe door, make sure to have the jacket. leave the rain gear but by tomorrow it's going to be a different story. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. we have patchy fog and dense fog advisories to talk about this morning. >> reporter: yes. you will want to expect reduced advice ability across the region. it's foggy out there. so reduce your speeds. we have our first accident of the day. it's on 695 in towson on the outer loop at dulaney valley road. the shoulder will be shut down no significant delays as you travel up towards 83. if you are using the jfx to get into the city you are looking at the typical 11 minute ride southbound from 695 all the way downtown to east fayette street. and if you using 95 here's a live look at downtown baltimore at 395 everything up to speed and no problems getting through the fort mchenry tunnel. charley over to you. you have to take off your jacket, your belt and your
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shoes. but somehow, weapons are still make it past security checkpoints at the nation's airport. coming up in a bit. the guns that recently made it all the way to the plane. that is story you don't want to miss. and later, your lunch is probably packed but is it safe. the problems you may have in packing a lunch. what may be hanging around inside when good morning maryland continues.
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news time 5:14. a teen is in the hospital after an accident at a six flags in california. a spokeswoman says the 19-year- old cut in line diving headfirst down a slide at that water park. halfway down he fell off the slight. the park says the correct way to go down the slide is feet first with your arching else crossed and arms across your -- ankles crossed and your arms across your chest. there's a focus on airport security after agents with the tsa let two loaded guns get through checkpoints within the past week. one was a 38 and that was on the plane from new orleans to newark. another that was in -- dash was
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in firefighters purse and this comes days after an abc news investigation tracking a missing ipad to the home of a tsa officer who was fired from the job. >> he think it goes back to the type of hiring they did and educational requirements they were allowed to put in place which were not high enough in my view. >> tsa says they have confiscated 1100 weapons this year alone including 29 guns in the past week. some startling numbers. time for a check of the forecast with lynette. >> good morning. check out what's going on this morning. because the big story we are chilly along with the fog we are dealing w frederick -- with. frederick 49 degrees. the dew point and temperature are the exact same. the air is saturated and with that you are getting clouds at the surface at the ground. and that's fog. also what we have a dense fog advisory in effect until 10 for frederick and points westward. arnold looking at a temperature coming in at 51 this morning
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and blattensburg at -- bladensburg at 52. satellite and radar picking up on cloud cover and also showers down to the south. so if you are traveling around the area in virginia, you are going to be running into the wet weather. but, you don't have to run into it because as we go through the evening time frame and also tomorrow, this batch of rain will slide off toward the north. and we will be seeing some wet weather in here. we can see it as of now. this is what's happening going through the next overnight hours into tomorrow. so we will be very muggy heading into tomorrow and wednesday. and this warm front is going to be slicing through the area as we go through this evening. and then by wednesday, we will have a cold front moving through the area as well. that will drop temperatures. the hour by hour forecast takes us to about 51 degrees and 61 degrees by 10. and it will be cool with lunchtime hours coming in at 67 degrees. we will and the 72 by 3 and the
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sun-cloud mix but i believe the clouds will win out more than the sun for today. so that 72 could be held down to about 70 maybe about 69. and tuesday and wednesday that's the chance for -- chance for showers work their way into the picture. as we go into time, thursday and friday, looks stellar. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned we are deeing with a-- dealing with a lot of fog on my way in from bel air i ran into a lot of fog on route 1 in the kingsville and perry hall area. traveling on bel air road be extra careful reduce speeds because it's going to be pretty bad out there. if you are using 695 we are dealing with a crash on the top side in towson. right on the outer loop at due leany valley road. checking in and looking live at the beltway, in overlea not causing much of a problem because there are no delays. so that will be the good news. and if you are heading out to the harrisburg expressway this is what it looks like in hunt valley. not too many cars out there yet. it will be an easy ride getting
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into the beltway and remain nice and clear as you get on the jfx and head into the city. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. charley over to you. news time 5:17. flu season is getting closer and health experts say you need to get vaccinated. it's pretty mild season last year you may recall but we are not expecting the same turnout this year. vaccines for the flu includes protection against twonew trains. gferyone should get a -- everyone should get a vaccine. the exception is those with severe allergies to eggs and young babesy. soms of the things you do every morning would you -- you pack your or your child's lunch but the question is, how often do you wipe down the lunch pale. you may want to take an extra minute after you hear this. an experiment out of phoenix found many of the lunch bags and lunchboxs had bacteria on them ranging from fecal matter to staph infection known as mrsa. all the things you make --
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could make you sick. experts say the type of lunchbox you or your child uses could be a factor. >> it is a very textured fab like and all the grooves are places as we know from any time we want to clean something, that's going to be harder to get things off of. >> you may not think about it. there's an easy way to fight potentially dangerous bacteria. wipe it down every day. also, wash your hands and maybe sure you do it often. this is the hot topic. how often do you wipe down the lunp box. have you thought about cleaning it every day and if so, how do you go about doing it? go to the facebook fan page weigh in and let us know what you do. as we gnashing the 10-year anniversary of the dc -- mark the 10-yearance vr ris of the dc -- so-year anniversary of the dc ?ieber we will tell you what lee boyd malvo says especially after coming face-to- face with the family of one of the victims.
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also another a gm recall we need to share. this one involves a number of models. we will bring you what you need to know and how it could affect you if you own one of the cars. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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5:2. death toll did -- 5:22. the death toll reached 2,000. two more americans were killed when fighting broke out at u.s. force checkpoint. wouldn't victims was soldier the other was a civilian contractor. the military says three afghan soldiers were killed during the incident. and this week marks 10 years since the beginning of the snipe are attacks that left 10 people det ded in the dc area and paralyzed a community. in an interview with the washington post 27-year-old lee boyd malvo expressed remorse and urged victims of families to forget about him and his partner john allen mohammad. they were linked to 27 shootings across the u.s. and malvo is serving a life sentence without parole in virginia and muhammad was executed in 2009. the criminal trial for polk pope ben death xvi butler is underway. he is accused of stealing and
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leaking documents. it ended up in a controversial book about the pope and inner workers of the roman catholic church. it is called the worst security breach in recent history. he faces up to four years in prison if convicted. he allegedly asked the pope for a pardon. he is expected to testify in court storm. -- tomorrow. it's beginning to look like christmas. not really but if you don't think so you may want to ask retailers. coming up, we will bring you the list of the hot new toys that may be making your christmas list for the little ones what you need to know straight ahead and also be aware of a number new laws taking effect in maryland today. some impact your work and others involve how you travel. week explain. >> the first day of october is ushering in cooler temperatures. but a brief warmup is on the way. details coming up. >> reporter: everything is up to speed on 895 at o'donnell street. i will let you know how traffic is shaping up on 95 and 38 coming up on good morning maryland. -- 83 coming up on good morning maryland.
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news time 5:27 and general motors has a mess on its hands this morning.
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the automaker recalling 40,000 cars and suvs and the problem is a faulty fuel pump that couldcrack and cause a fuel leak it would be dangerous for you. the recall affects 2007 through 09 cobalts and 07 equinox and 07 to 09g5 and saturday-ion. owners canton tact gm dealer for a free repair. and if you have a flight on american airlines check ahead before heading to bwi. airline is in a heated labor dispute with the pilots. american's parent company filed for bankruptcy and last month a judge agreed it would throw out the previous contracts with the pilots. the airline wants to cut labor costs by 20%. we checked bw awebsite and so far -- bwi's website and so far only american flights are delayed. it's heading to dallas fort worth that flight delayed and is set to take off at 8:10. coming up on good morning maryland, the latest on the fire that ripped through a apartment complex. we will bring outdevelopments
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coming out of odenton this morning and also straight ahead. >> reporter: parents before you load the kids in the car this morning, there's a new law you need to know about. i am linda so, how it is changing the way kids are riding in the back seat. >> good morning. getting ate right the first time. start -- getting it right the first time. medicare will fine too many patients admitted because of complications. they expect to penalize the 2/3 of the hospitals that treat medicare. and milk prices may double unless the house pass as farm bill. senate passed a replacement but not the house and without a law the federal government would be required to buy dairy products and push up prices. movie theaters came back to life this weekend thanks to hotel transylvania adam sandler'sanimateed comedy received 43 million in particular sales and there could be a worldwide shortage of disposable diapers. a factory in japan that makes a key ingredient it


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